New Year in #Harmony

I’ve debated whether to leave certain pieces, creative brainstorms and potential platforms...

06th Jan
Harmony: 1. a dynamic state in which the collective sound of each distinct element is in full agreement with the whole. 2. In peaceful agreement.

Mos Definitely, Mos Def

Undoubtedly, a slump may occur. The slow drip we experience, falling.. slipping...

16th Dec
The man, himself, Mos Def. (PHOTO:

Time Check: Staying Focused

Time check: How are we doing in terms of pursuing our dreams?...

28th Oct
cdubb post TIME CHECK

Can’t Fight The Original

There is something to be said when others are trying… bleeding, salivating,...

08th Oct

Center Stage w/ Emmie Brown

T A P P I N G  into the mind of an...

15th Sep
A creative glimpse at Emmie B's work in progress.

Rise & Shine: Kick-Start That Creative Energy!

A little confession: I have not given too much to my love...

21st Aug
cdubb post

Allow the #Inspiration to Flow

It’s challenging, isn’t it? For we are the creative types; an artistic...

06th Aug
Allow the surge of inspiration to flow as it should, not as you think it should.

Kaleidoscope of Beats to Fuel the Masterpiece

A kaleidoscope of beats; a collection of fine melodies: After all, we...

27th Nov
Southern Point breaches any solomn contract we had with what electric pop and today's music should sound like.

Feeding Facets of Creativity

Every now and again, our creative mind decides to jet-set itself into...

10th Nov
One of the many facets of yours truly: a blog for the oh-so awkward20s that we've all enjoyed so dearly.

Never Stop Exploring

Have you ever found yourself yearning for an adventure? Perhaps it’s because...

23rd Oct
Your exploring soles to set you in the right direction of your next adventure.