Kaleidoscope of Beats to Fuel the Masterpiece

A kaleidoscope of beats; a collection of fine melodies: After all, we...

27th Nov
Southern Point breaches any solomn contract we had with what electric pop and today's music should sound like.

Feeding Facets of Creativity

Every now and again, our creative mind decides to jet-set itself into...

10th Nov
One of the many facets of yours truly: a blog for the oh-so awkward20s that we've all enjoyed so dearly.

Never Stop Exploring

Have you ever found yourself yearning for an adventure? Perhaps it’s because...

23rd Oct
Your exploring soles to set you in the right direction of your next adventure.

Art Always Imitating Life

I recently embarked upon one of my solo-dolo explorative adventures- something I...

08th Oct
Protect and encourage your ability to create with some time to yourself.

Bienvenido and Welcome Abroad Creative Wave Riders!

Welcome to your CreativeWaveMovement site… where the water is real nice, and...

22nd Jun
POST 1Creative Wave March 2012

Say Hello to the Crazy Cool Gals of the Sickest WebDesign Team!

If you’re wondering who’s behind this incredible web layout, meet the lovely...

22nd Jun
.... which they are.

RVA Serves Up a Sweet Spot for Cool Clothes… and Budding Artists

Walk into West Coast Kix, and be not surprised that you spend...

22nd Jun
West Coast Kix manager, Laci!! One of the successful spot's main staples!