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On April 6, 2015 by creativewavemovement

He’s up to no good; rather, something sublimely great. Jonas Claesson- the Swede who’s planted some roots in the land of OZ- has made an interesting name for himself. The interwebs are having trouble adequately capturing just how sweet his illustrations are; how talented of a mind he has; how vivid and clean of an imagination he possesses. We asked the CreativeWave Movement artist how he’s been responding to the heaping sweeps of excitement felt for his work, and all that is in between.


Jonas Work Post


CreativeWave Movement: How do you stay hungry/motivated to feed your passion?

Sir Jonas Claesson: I kind of feel like I’m just getting started, so that keeps me hungry. The interaction with people through my art is also very encouraging and fun. I try not to draw if I don’t feel like it; which obviously is hard if you have a commissioned piece- or something like that- that needs to be done. But usually, it is all really fun and not a problem at all.


Jonas 1


CWM: Well, that’s good! Glad to hear that. Anyone that sees your work can immediately tell that you have fun with it- which is refreshing.

JC: I also take alot of breaks, go surfing, or watch TV or whatever.

CWM: Get those mental check-outs in for sure….What fun challenges do you face with your work, and how do you overcome them?


Jonas 5


JC: I think the challenge for me is to keep it at a level where it keeps being fun!

CWM: Love it! And it’s so important with your work, as it clearly shows through every piece; hence, being what draws people in (nice little pun there). Talk about the response you’ve received for your drawings thus far. Has this been shocking, and what are your hopes and dreams for the future?


Jonas 2


JC: Yep, it has been a great response! Super happy! My goal for now is to just keep having fun with it… and hopefully, get my Surfing Animal ABC book published. [I have] no idea how to get that done, but that would be fun!

CWM: Jonas, mark my words… that ABC book of your’s will get published. Mark my words.


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