Can’t Fight The Original

On October 8, 2013 by creativewavemovement

There is something to be said when others are trying… bleeding, salivating, even…over your ideas, your talents; what uniquely makes you. I encountered this recently from, what appeared to be a promising connect for a business venture; instead, it began to play out as some shady scene out of an all-too familiar high school drama; ya know, the one where the popular guy promises to help and befriend the incredibly talented up-and-coming newbie. To the wide-eyed and bushy tailed star’s surprise, the popular guy is, in fact, a wolf in sheep’s clothing- simply awaiting to take all of her ideas and make them his own.


Now, I say all of this to simply state, don’t worry about it. Sure, it took me a few days to recognize the power that I clearly had in knowing that no one could duplicate, replicate, fabricate, or mimic what I– what we– bring to the table. But in all honesty, that is something we don’t need to worry about.

Someone once told me that copying is the greatest form of flattery; it’s also one of the greatest forms of being a snake. So I say to you, creative minds, protect your gifts. Protect your talents. Know that what you uniquely bring to the table can never be accomplished by another. For that which God Himself fashioned you to do is specifically for, and can only be accomplished through, your humble hands…. those that are arrogant enough to seek out others for ideas to take will never prosper: remember that.

Be wise in who you discuss matters with… who you share your dreams with; because, as I am finding out, some may selfishly see your gifts as an opportune time for acquisition. Oh, but not so fast there Tonto. What they thought there were getting, they won’t even find.

Be business wise and creatively smart. Know, legally, the very things you have rights to, and exercise such knowledge in a professionally savvy manner.

Awaken in the power that lies in simply knowing this: not a single person, group, etc. can be what you have been creatively called to be. No one can fight the original that you are; awaken in that, and walk proudly in that very thing.

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