Mos Definitely, Mos Def

On December 16, 2013 by creativewavemovement

Undoubtedly, a slump may occur. The slow drip we experience, falling.. slipping from the concerted efforts found in former years; all of which helped supply the greater reasons we maintained a steady beat for creating, for making….for staying uber connected to our craft.

The man, himself, Mos Def. (PHOTO:

The man, himself, Mos Def. (PHOTO:

Without much effort, the music… the music… can intersect and connect the fire required for tales depicting a dedicated, committed artist; one that consistently picks up his/her talent/gift and uses it for good. I give you, remind you… uncover for your pleasure… a song by an artist that may need no introduction for some, and may require one for others.

The Artist: Mos Def

The Song: May December

The melodic flow that lifts off of the ground- from the speaker to your ear- drifts in mid air, then lays a base that demands/commands our attention. Its soft lines of xylophone references a time when bell-bottoms and afros dominated the scene; its base- consistently setting the tone for a leveled pace; a determined pace- arrive just when we need it. Then the bridge kicks in, leading us to a place unexpected… Dropping us right back in the present; dancing in the halls of the past, flirting with a time yet experienced. From May to December, whatever happens… whatever happened… envelop yourself in a real test of your sole artistic production: don’t lose it‘it’ being your will to create and produce what you’ve been fashioned to create.

This song will forever play a driving force in my hours to create; spats to paint/sketch/write/design/envision… I pray it does the same for you.

Now let the baseline kick in,


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