Upon This Rock

In the absence of words – eloquent enough to articulate, to capture...

28th Aug
Little Mountains in CA

An Internal, New Reality

There is an unearthly stillness to our current state of affairs. The...

25th Apr
"Stillness" courtesy of Michael Hyatt

A Travel Log // The Active Journey.

  Suffice it to say, I’ve never not travelled – as an...

10th Sep
PHOTO: Dan Florez.

A Creative Confession + +

Without warrant, I must confess this very thing: on a number of...

02nd Mar
Image courtesy of Google Images

\\ Leila & the Eclectic Pursuit //

It wasn’t until I stepped inside the tearful lessons that the passing...

18th Feb

The RetroModern Dream

Ask any artist, and you will undoubtedly find that the itch, the...

23rd Jan
Image courtesy of Dan Florez Photography

Jordan Maxham + DivertCollective

In my journey as the eternal optimist- for others, at least- I...

15th Nov
Image courtesy of Google Images.

Kenny Sanders, moved to motivate

Through his own success- both as an athlete and entrepreneur- Kenny Sanders...

04th Apr
Image courtesy of Kenny Sanders

Florez from the State of Shine

The indelible grit and honesty in his work- a revelation of him...

29th Mar
Image courtesy of Dan Florez Photography

+The Creed and Manifesto+

It is the inevitable mistake: doubting oneself. We ultimately limit ourselves, as...

25th Jan
Image courtesy of Google Images