Center Stage w/ Emmie Brown

On September 15, 2013 by creativewavemovement
One of the artist's collage masterpieces.

One of the artist’s collage masterpieces.

T A P P I N G  into the mind of an artist can be quite the challenge; but, when you do…..the rewards feed your artistic endeavors in a way that might surprise you. We recently ‘sat down’ with CreativeWave Movement Artist, Emmie Brown, to crack open the woes, trials, triumphs and joys in pursuing her creative passion. Here she is, Center Stage:

CreativeWave Movement: You’ve expressed how much this Movement has impacted your creative pursuits and direction as an artist, explain more about that. In what way, specifically, did CreativeWave Movement ignite the ‘fire within’?
Emmie Brown: CreativeWave was the my first real “showcase.”  When I was approached by Lindsey in 2012 to be featured as a CreativeWave artist, for the first time, I thought that maybe I could pursue a career as an artist.  I was inspired to fine-tune my craft; now, business is better than ever. CreativeWave has been such an encouragement and has really made me realize the sky is the limit. 
CWM: What is one of the hardest challenges you face as an up-and-coming talent trying to feed your passions?
EB: Like a lot of artists, I am very much a Type-B personality. A nine to five schedule would drive me nuts. I like to work ‘when I feel like it,’ which isn’t always conducive to productivity. Being my own boss is great, but I have to really push myself to work even when I’m not in a creative mood.
CWM: With so many avenues to promote yourself, how difficult is it to make headway and break through the artistic scene within your community? What has been your ‘saving grace’ along your journey?
EB: I hate ‘putting myself out there’. I will do anything to avoid telling people what I do, because it usually involves me getting really awkward. Because I’m so shy, social media has been a huge help in getting the word out about my art. Facebook has allowed me to reach people all over the country from behind the mask of ‘Pet Pieces.’
CWM: Many times as artists, we find ourselves wanting our artwork to ‘speak for itself’ rather than us doing the talking… Have you found it difficult to transition from being simply the artist to now, businesswoman?
A creative glimpse at Emmie B's work in progress.

A creative glimpse at Emmie B’s work in progress.

EB: Absolutely. Doing art as a business, you are no longer only trying to please yourself, you are trying to please your client: someone with different opinions than your own. When you’re doing a commissioned piece, you agonize over whether they’ll like it or whether it’ll be everything they expected. I’ve done over 50 commissions in the past year and a half or so, and I’ve only had one person complain and ask me to make changes, which I did lose some sleep over.
CWM: Ugh… oh no! So, has ‘branding’ yourself as an artist– with the right website, etc — been tricky when wanting to balance your need to creatively roam as an artistic-free spirit?
EB: In some ways, yes. My ‘brand’ has made me focus in on my most ‘lucrative’ talent- collage. I have always really enjoyed drawing and other mediums, but I am left with little free time to play around. On the other hand, I actually really enjoyed designing my logo and website. I went to school for Graphic Design at Flagler College, and designing my Pet Pieces brand was one of my senior projects.
CWM: How perfect! What is one of the most rewarding elements you take away from doing what you do?
EB: The fact that something I create can bring someone such joy is amazing. Several people have been brought to tears when seeing their pet’s portrait for the first time, and that incredible love they have for their [pet] makes me so happy.
More sneak peaks into Emmie B's collage process!

More sneak peeks into Emmie’s collage process!

CWM: Any new points of inspiration for your pieces?
EB: I would love to get into doing other animals in addition to dogs and cats. Maybe other subject matter, as well. I’ve done three or four collages of people, but I’d like to spend more time on them. I also love architecture. It would be cool to do collages of houses.
CWM: Some would wonder, how does she do that? Well, Emmie Brown, how do you do what you do?!
EB: The key is knowing what colors to cut out. Sometimes a brown dog has unexpected colors like purple or gray, for example. Once I have all the pieces cut out, the rest is like putting together a puzzle.
CWM: What is one quality you feel is key in succeeding at your craft in today’s creative scene?
EB: You have to have a niche. Lots of people are artistic, but you have to do something that no one else does.
CWM: What’s your creative truth? These are words/pieces of advice that you would encourage the next artist with… Words that you live by for creating. 
EB: It’s cliche, but when you pursue your passion… everything will fall into place.

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