Time Check: Staying Focused

On October 28, 2013 by creativewavemovement

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Time check: How are we doing in terms of pursuing our dreams? Have we maintained a level of integrity, when it comes to making and keeping promises to ourselves? As much as I pose this question to you, I pose it- really- to myself.

In short, no: I have not kept promises made to myself… my creative passions squandering and left in limbo, as a result. So, how must we combat the slump? How do we defy the inevitable? That is, pushing back the date on deadlines we’ve given ourselves, making sure that our passions are not neglected.

Start Setting Realistic Goals: Let’s face it. Life becomes busy, and the last thing that we place on the top of the priority list are the very gems we dream of feeding: our passions. Pick a realistic date that you can feasibly attain, and STICK WITH IT. No excuses.

Be Accountable: Perhaps it is easy for us to let these goals slip through our fingers because the only one watching is ourselves. But, I say unto you, the same way that we want to be a man and woman of our word to others, let’s keep that same level of commitment for our passions.. for our dreams.

Keep the End-Goal in Mind: What might be the sweet elixir for keeping ourselves right on track to reaching our goals? Keeping that end goal in mind, and how much we want it. Sometimes, we have to be our own motivating factor… and if not for yourself, do it for your passion….do it for the freedom that we have to create.

Stay disciplined, and stay focused. Go out there and keep that tick-tock, time clock on your side… you can do it.

Happy Dream Catching!



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