An Internal, New Reality

On April 25, 2020 by creativewavemovement

There is an unearthly stillness to our current state of affairs. The hum of a mere handful of motorcars, periodically moving along the pavement, pales into comparison to the traditionally loud concert and crescendo of noise, traffic, and congestion.  Old neighbors, that have suddenly emerged as new, fill us and the night’s air with a surprised, musical gift and concert. In the midst of all of this change, the sun – in its ever present glory – still beams upon every soul, tree and branch – reminding us that, given the unparalleled oddity of our current surroundings, some things simply remain the same.

"Stillness" courtesy of Michael Hyatt

(“Stillness” |  PHOTO CRED: Michael Hyatt.)

We have – without permission, without warrant – entered into a present reality that has altered the way in which we process our time, our focus, our priorities – our habits. One cannot simply head out to a group mixer, a networking meet-up, or the social event of the century, in the wake of feeling restless on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. Among millions of others, we are essentially ordered to Stay Home and Stay Safe. Periodical walks, bike rides and runs are all within a respectable reach – provided we keep far enough distance from others in the process.

What’s even more at a visible standstill, is our external list of activities: gatherings, concerts and shows; a cocktail of busyness that would tire any 5 year-old, sugared-up on a pixie stick high. This visceral stillness that we have been sentenced to - summoned to adopt for an elusive length of time – is at the very crux and core of our new societal challenge. What do you do, when the presumed way in which you managed your stress – i.e. bar or party hop, social scene or not – has been temporarily removed from your list of remedies? Instead, introspection, reflection, time with family and/or your passions, are the inevitable relief.

This other ‘new reality’ – where all former manufactured coping remedies, once prescribed by ourselves – are now out of the question for the foreseeable future.

So now what?

As insurmountably daunting these external issues are, the hope we have in this ‘internal new reality’ is found by unlearning former coping habits, and learning new, effective ways in which we face the music. Honest introspection – one that unearths a gravity-pull of emotions, never once fully addressed, never once adequately resolved – plays a pivotal role in crafting this internal, new reality.

(PHOTO CRED: Google Images)

(“Calm”  |   PHOTO CRED: Google Images)

Patience, another integral ingredient to our personal cross-examination, proves powerful: how and why we process our past, current misinformation and the like. While we may be physically bound to a certain square-footage within our respective areas, our ability to see our surroundings and circumstances differently, are not. This freedom and liberation we experience from every ineffective, past habit once deployed, will ultimately come first; it ultimately must come first.

In this present time, I encourage you to be brave, be patient with your growth – you can do it.



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