The Curated Environment

On October 29, 2022 by creativewavemovement

What we have before us, is the intentionality of purpose – an environment, meticulously curated with purpose, on purpose, with the sole intention of producing a prospective outcome. In mid-sentence of completing my previous piece, this compelling thought, ’Environment, and how important it is to creativity,’ struck me with such precision, that I immediately began putting thought to pen. For the indelible action and growth of any object, idea, its environment is imperative: the nature in which this seed of Good – enabling this gift to grow- necessitates a rather specific setting, atmosphere of pliability, endurance, rhythm, consistency.

National Geographic Photography

(IMAGE COURTESY: National Geographic)

It is this reality that has produced and made room for the ‘create space’, the art studio, the ‘kiln-like’ experience for the work we produce.

If we can objectively dissect and break apart, the purpose of an environment – what its intention is – and apply that to our own mandate to produce / to create, we can perceive and receive the need to honor our environment in the right manner. When examining the operative term, ‘environment,’ this speaks to the conditions in which people, a specimen can function; and ultimately, thrive. The growth of those entities, individuals, dreams and ideas, predicates itself upon the conditions that they are in.

The music, the focus, the air, the smell – all produced, with intention – to direct said individuals, people, and ideas in a state of living, growing, being. Many times, the power of our ability to see these opportune environments manifesting in our lives – all of which singularly lead to healthy, happy and wholesome state of being – hinge upon our decision to do so. It is solely based upon one single decision.

As if looking down the empty barrel of a cannon, I knew the power that I held in deciding to either move in conviction, or to not; to remain complacent in nullifying who I am as a math and science brain, and an artistic and creative being, with inaction. I, for the first time in my adult-life, could process the trajectory of either direction: saying either nay or yay would change the course of my existence, of my countenance, of the temperature of my joy. With one decision, I could change the entirety of my path and journey.

So, I decided to move.

National Geographic Photography

(IMAGE COURTESY: National Geographic)


It has been 8 hours since I have sat and reveled in this reality of curated environment. Already, it has produced a version of me that I’ve missed – a version that I had allowed uncultivated and untouched. The most incredible piece to all of this, is not recanting what one was praying to evade; rather, the purposeful, divinely-intended state of being that one has always been marked to embody. This is a rather, very sweet reality that I am currently tasting, and will never again give away. It is far too precious, this gift; this gift, that must be curated and cultivated.


Staying and Moving with Intention,



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