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Through his own success- both as an athlete and entrepreneur- Kenny Sanders has come to understand the importance of the soul: the care of our inner-selves and maintenance of our mental well-being. He has witnessed the impact of shifting one’s focus off of materialism, to having true peace and joy: a state of being not defined by our possessions, nor financial conquests.

For the second time, CreativeWave Movement connects with the multi-faceted soul, determined to move our eyes from the race of money, to the mind and heart. We uncover the exciting that is to come with his newest venture and the passion he continues to exude for encouraging those around him.

Here is our conversation…

Image courtesy of Kenny Sanders

Kenny Sanders is determined to inspire others to live a life worth living. (PHOTO: Sanders)

CreativeWave Movement: Really excited to delve a little deeper into the launch of your new website: what compelled you to act now; to move now. I believe we each have dreams: dreams that may seem impossible. But they often get stranded in the realm of conception, as opposed to being moved to the stage of execution. What initiated your desire to finally put this passion to website? ….. I’m sure the idea has been in you for quite some time!

Kenny Sanders: This idea has been with me for years. I’ve been doing coaching with celebrities and many others the last few years, by word of mouth, but haven’t gone further than that; since it’s been more of a personal, fulfilling [passion] for me. My main focus is to help others who have success in fame and luxury, but haven’t had success [within] their inner selves, which is the most important part.

CWM: I see, yes. I think it’s powerful to take a moment to reflect on our journey: examining the ‘how’ we arrived at a desired result, or began to see our dreams manifest. With your own personal and professional journey- as an athlete, as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker- what moments played a pivotal part in you realizing that, “Hey, I have a greater purpose than just being an athlete. I am a multifaceted being, meant to express those gifts in various ways.” I think it’s important that we talk about that for those reading and learning your story to have the courage to recognize those moments in their own lives… and to hopefully MOVE in their dreams, as a result.

KS: Ever since I could remember, I’ve always had a big imagination and have been passionately curious [of] all things. Of course, as I was getting older I had to figure out “what I wanted to do” like all of us. I was very lucky to become a BMX professional, but I also practiced 6 hours everyday for about 5 years before I got my first sponsor. My entrepreneurship came when I was 24, after realizing I needed income when BMX stops; a bit of thinking ahead, but that’s what I do.

Image courtesy of Kenny Sandes

Spending time as a professional BMX athlete, Kenny learned to explore other facets of his skill-sets and abilities. (PHOTO: Google Images)

While doing all the above, I would spend countless hours imagining what others’ lives are like or simply observing life around me. When I get extra time, I tend to want to study above and beyond knowledge like the Universe, the brain, our bodies and how everything works. The thing that consumed me the most was spirituality, law of attraction, life itself and what makes a person truly happy. I was so curious as to why a family packed in a small shack, in a foreign village- that has next to nothing- seemed happier than a wealthy family in a mansion in Beverly Hills, that has everything. That made me realize that happiness is within, not with material items.

[This] realization completely changed my life and how I do things. Sure, most of us love material stuff, but we need to make sure to not get lost in it or find our happiness or confidence in materials. That way of thinking will all be short-lived until the next product comes out. It’s our inner selves, our families, [that are] there for us if something tragic happened. That is what truly makes us happy.

CWM: Not finding self-worth or assurance from materialist items: I completely get it and agree. So, in order to encourage this message via your new website (exciting!), may you define for us what the main mission is and who you hope to serve with this mission?

Image courtesy of Kenny Sanders

Sanders looks to encourage those around him to seek fulfillment beyond materialism and financial conquests. (PHOTO: Sanders)

KS: The mission is to show others that life is far more than most of us think. It’s actually simple; yet, we get blinded by all of this consumption- and what others are doing on social media that we aren’t- that it sort of makes us lose sight of ourselves, what we need, what truly matters, etc. I hope to serve anyone who needs any sort of guidance in their lives- be it wealthy or not. The reason why I focus a lot on “wealthy” individuals is because they lose sight of the natural, important things easier than someone who isn’t wealthy. Hence, the reason a family packed in a small shack in a foreign village- that has next to nothing- is happier than a wealthy family in a mansion in Beverly Hills, that has everything.

The “financially poor” family packed in a shack in a village is very successful in being human, enjoying simplicity and each other, which brings happiness; while “financially wealthy” find it harder to be truly happy since short-lived materialistic things blind them of the natural happiness they can have. Again, I’m talking about “some” families as an example.

CWM: Correct. Some families that are financially wealthy can be spiritually bankrupt, while the financially poor family can often times be spiritually rich. This question of humanity and showing kindness has been at the core of who you are; it is clearly the hallmark of your daily living. In what ways are you inspired to continue delivering this message to those around you?

KS: The more people I help, the more I’m inspired. The real payment for me is seeing the life change and happiness flow into others’ lives. Knowing I have the gift to do that makes me want to utilize it as much as possible.

CWM: We love that! Switching back to your website: what can audiences expect to see and learn with your website?

KS: I’m starting the first few months with the basics. I also want to keep my blogs and videos short since most of us have short attention spans now dealing with so much tech these days. You can get knowledge in under two minutes on each subject.

CWM: Nice. Any exciting sneak peeks that you can share?

Image courtesy of Kenny Sanders

Kenny found here, feeding his BMX passions. (PHOTO: Sanders)

KS: The sneak peaks are what’s on the website right now. More coming very soon!

CWM: And CreativeWave Movement is thrilled!  Lastly, what most excites you about the future?

KS: The future is the exciting part. It’s the unknown, and knowing each decision I make throughout my day could completely steer my future in different directions… Every outcome in anything is a lesson in my mind. I’m mainly excited about helping as many as I can in my lifetime.


To learn more on Kenny’s passion and mission, please visit his website.

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