Sick Six + Jonas Claesson

On November 3, 2016 by creativewavemovement

We started this CDubb Sick Six- an interpretation of all things necessary shared by creatives and athletes from the field- back in 2014. Since then, it’s evolved into a relatively idyllic spin on artists’ and athletes’ perspective on their craft… not to mention, a fun way to stay connected with the geniuses of their genre. This month, we kick things off with our favorite Swede in the Land of Oz: Jonas Claesson of Australia. Here’s what’s on his mind:

For more ‘behind-the-scenes’ looks on Sir Claesson’s work, check out his Artist Profile.

Image courtesy of Jonas Claesson

(PHOTO: “Arc Effect Vessel” by Jonas Claesson)

CreativeWave Movement: So much time seems to have passed since last CreativeWave Movement had an opportunity to talk with you! How have you been, Jonas?

Jonas Claesson: I have been good! In the middle of a couple of big projects…

CWM: Anything new and exciting with you and your creative passions?

JC: [I'm] Going to Japan on Thursday to work with [an] advertising firm over there on a project- that is pretty exciting (:

CWM: Very nice, Jonas! That is EXCITING! What advice could you offer an artist who is pursuing their creative passions, but have encountered some stumbling blocks?

Image courtesy of Jonas Claesson

(PHOTO: “Set of Three” by Jonas Claesson)

JC: To keep creating and showing the art every day, no matter if it is good or bad.

CWM: That is GREAT advice. Love that. Any new forms of inspiration that have spurred new drawings?

JC: Not really! It is the same things [as] always: nature and the ocean.

Image courtesy of Jonas Claesson

(PHOTO: “Oceans Day” by Jonas Claesson)

CWM: And I think those two elements will never run dry of inspiration. In the midst of us making sure we stay inspired and continue to create, we sometimes lost sight of celebrating the mini and the big milestones… Any cool happenings that deserve your celebration?

JC: The book I was working on for a year sold a lot better than I would have ever dreamt of- that is fun! (:

CWM: Ahhh! Stoked…..immense stoke for  you, Jonas! That is amazing- so proud. What are your hopes and dreams for your art in the future?

JC: My only hope is to be able to keep going and make a living from it.

CWM: Something tells me you will.




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