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It wasn’t enough that Kenny Sanders was excelling as a professional BMX athlete for a large part of his life. The rider, from the quiet and grounded town of Ephraim, UT, was called to much more. Businessman, entrepreneur- times two- and dedicated life coach to celebrities, would eventually be added to his resume of current and growing passions. He is, thematically and essentially, a modern-day Renaissance man. And no: neither of his career choices; hobbies of singing, playing the drums, piano and guitar; come to simply impress a crowd. His focus is to fully evolve into exactly who he’s been called to be… just like that of the little acorn growing into the awe-inspiring oak tree. We took a moment to step into the mind of the man of many skills, and discovered his passion is ultimately to encourage others to find their’s.

(Kenny Sanders, catching some nice air during his BMX career. PHOTO:

Kenny Sanders during his successful BMX career. (PHOTO:

CreativeWave Movement: I think one of the most remarkably defining elements about you is that you’ve declared something that not many dare to say; a statement that you rarely hear or see. Talk to me about how you’re on, “…. a mission to speak life into humanity.” That’s powerful man- no other way to put it. Something compelled you to declare that… tell us what did.

Kenny Sanders: I’ve always been the type to notice life with my soul more than material things with my eyes. Sure, I like nice things just like anyone else, but there is a whole other, deeper life out there which some call “food for the soul.” I teach people to stop and notice the little things which are in fact the biggest things- we just take them for granted because they don’t cost anything and we have them in abundance. Once you’ve turned yourself to think on that level, a lot of other unnoticed things start to appear. Once that happens, your soul starts to shine a little and you realize beauty is all around and everything is perfect the way it is. Those are the things that really matter in life.

CWM: I understand what you’re saying: simply take a moment… or two, or three… and recognize how grateful we should be and blessed we truly are. How does your mission of speaking life into humanity influence what opportunities you say yes to, and what business relationships you welcome into your life…. If that makes sense?

KS: That makes perfect sense. To be honest, most right or wrong decisions you can actually feel with your gut. Some business meetings go by very smoothly, while others definitely take some navigation. I’m the type of businessman where I want everyone to win. I never try to fool someone so I can make more money than the other person on the other end of the deal. I want everyone to win equally- the way it should be. That way, there isn’t anyone feeling left out or unfairly treated. If someone is trying to treat me unfairly on a business deal, I simply, kindly back out or I “speak life” into them, to where they start to realize a bad business deal will always end poorly or move very slowly.

CWM: I love that. Because, quite honestly, integrity in all facets of our lives is paramount. Amen, man. Switching gears… I know sometimes it’s a bit challenging for us to see the progression of our passions, or to know that they’re shaking ground and making waves. What have you seen take place that keeps you excited about chasing your dreams?

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KS: I try and help all goal-seekers understand that you literally have to take one step at a time and take it one day at a time. Anything else is going to bring stress and overwhelming thoughts, which clouds your life path or burns you out, making you want to quit. You have to set a direction you’re heading, but never look at the entire project. It all tends to work itself out as you go along. You will also learn a lot during the process which could change some of your direction in a good way. For me, understanding this, I look back on all of my achievements- big and small- and get really excited to simply wake up in the morning to see what that day is going to bring. The best things happen when you aren’t so focused on looking for it.

CWM: So true, Kenny. Keeping a level head; continue pursuing your dreams and the unexpected blessing will always emerge within your life’s story. Speaking of stories, your own is undeniably unique, as we all have a very distinct journey to trail-blaze… Tell us how you started, and a little bit about where you are now.

KS: My transfer from BMX to business happened because I’ve always had a business/entrepreneurial mindset. BMX was fun for many years and it opened a lot of doors for me. I decided to utilize all of those open doors and turn them into business opportunities, learning from others running a business. I knew I wanted to start my own business, but I didn’t know what or how. I realized there wasn’t a real sock-less solution out there, so I jumped on [an] idea I came up with, which is now NotSocks. It has been a big learning process for years; it wasn’t just an overnight thing. Like BMX, there has been a lot of trial and error in learning new tricks- same with business.

CWM: Completely understand that.

KS: I also knew I couldn’t ride BMX forever after breaking as many bones as I have throughout my BMX career…more than I can count on both hands. After learning how to start a company, I decided to start a second company throughout my learning process called TTM Lifestyle which is a clothing/ lifestyle brand. It does get overwhelming running two start ups, but my motto is: I might as well while I can. The time is going to pass anyway, so I might as well spend as much time as I can, building a good living for myself. I also do life coaching on the side which gives me a fulfillment business or BMX doesn’t give me. Helping someone change their life for the better means everything in this world to me.

CWM: And that is awesome! A man of many talents, for sure. It’s fascinating to me that, at first glance, many may find you as a businessman, but there’s so much more going on in that brain of yours. What would you say is the single most critical piece to uniquely being who you’ve been called to be, even when that includes many facets?


With two growing businesses, NotSocks and TTM Lifestyle, Kenny Sanders stays busy.

KS: I think it’s because I obsess over things until I figure them out. That’s why I rode BMX professionally, I can play guitar, piano, drums, I own a few businesses, etc. I don’t do all of these things so people will think I’m talented. I literally just obsess over them and want to know how they work and what it’s like to do it. I enjoy the feeling and sense of accomplishment. When I was younger, I obsessed over material things. I realized [what] surrounds us is much bigger and better than even the most expensive things in the world, which most spend their lives working to pay for. I’ve learned to truly enjoy both sides rather than choosing one or the other. When you realize how to enjoy your surroundings and give love to everyone that crosses your path, then you are truly rich.

CWM: That would be correct, Kenny. True riches are not found within materialistic things. For the dreamers out there; the go-getters; the creative minds… what advice do you give to them making sure they bring what matters to the table?

KS: Learn the art of clearing your mind in order to naturally grow into what you want. Take 20 minutes a day to meditate/not think about anything; and the more you do this, the more you find the answers you’ve been looking for. An acorn becomes a giant oak tree naturally without struggle. If the acorn could think or had a personality, it would stop itself from becoming what it’s meant to be. Everything you want to be is already inside of you, just like the oak tree is already inside of the acorn. You just have to be focused on what you want and naturally evolve into it by feeding yourself knowledge to grow.

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