Bienvenido and Welcome Abroad Creative Wave Riders!

On June 22, 2012 by creativewavemovement

CreativeWaveMovement: serving up the daily goods for your artful appetite

Welcome to your CreativeWaveMovement site… where the water is real nice, and surfcasters predict a continual, steady stream of sweet swells, only getting better!…. So don’t be shy- dive right on in! Around these parts, the sharks ride with you… (just don’t pet them)!

CreativeWaveMovement is here to give you the latest and greatest news on the hot happenings, tips, tools and groovey tunes.. all to help fuel you–and any artists you know– to continue seeing your artistic dreams realized.

Keep it locked, keep your mind tuned-in… and keep on keepin’ on!

Serving up a special dose every day! Just a part of a well-balanced, artifully beautiful breakfast!

Happy Creating!


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